What's SUP?


Stand Up Paddle Boarding (or SUP) is an emerging global sport whose roots run deep in Hawaiian history. The sport is an ancient form of surfing that originated in the Hawaiian Islands. The Hawaiian translation for SUP is Ku Hre He's Nalu. Traced back to the early 1960's surfers known as the Beach Boys of Waikiki, used to stand up and paddle out the break. Standing allowed instructors a higher viewpoint of their large groups of surfing students and help them take pictures of their students. Standing up also enabled them to better see the incoming swell.

Fast forward to the present and SUP is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It is a new fun, amazing way to explore and experience the many rivers, lakes, streams, seas, and oceans. Because of the standing height over the water, one can see both deeper into the water and further across the surface of the water allowing better visualization of surrounding features.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a multidimensional sport that promotes balance, strength, and endurance, and is one of the best workouts for developing core strength and overall fitness. Stand Up Paddling is easy to learn and is a non-intimidating sport that appeals to all ages and physical abilities. Paddlers are able to easily progress and develop their skills to improve their strength and fitness. SUP allows you to enjoy local waters of your community while giving you a complete workout. Many communities are now offering Yoga SUP classes.


WAI worked with experienced SUP paddlers and racers in California to come up with the perfect board designs. Then we tested hundreds of these boards in rental programs, races, rivers, oceans, ponds and streams to produce the perfect ALL AROUND Sup Boards, the result--WAI's signature surfboard shaped board. Wai Sup boards perform exceptionally well in all water conditions. Wai Sup boards start with EPS Foam core blanks with a hardwood stringer down the middle. Using our WER Technology each EPS blank is wrapped with three 6 oz layers of Epoxy Fiberglass Resin. Resulting in a super strong durable all around SUP Board.

For our Wai Sup Performance and Race boards we worked with "The Wittels Engineering Design Team" to design a 12'6'' and 14' Board that would be both Stable on the water and extremely fast. Using established Sailboat racing hull designs they transformed this technology to the design of our performance Wai sup boards. The results: Stable Speed Machines. Hop on for the ride of your life. These Wai Sup boards start with an EPS Core and then are wrapped with either Epoxy Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber.